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At the beginning of the school years students are randomly grouped with other student throughout the school (K-6th) and form a small "Bear Den" group with a new teacher or staff member. Each group is roughly 17 students and will meet on the first Wednesday of the month immediately after morning announcements.


Bear den builds a strong sense of community between students and staff and encourages learning positive education traits. Each month the bear den groups will focus on a different trait such as inclusion or respect. They will practice the trait and participate in an activity and a craft that demonstrates the trait. 

Bear den gives students the opportunity to meet and make friends with students in other classes and allows older students to mentor the younger. As well, Bear den gives students another teacher in the school who knows them and can offer support. 

At the end of Bear den student will go outside for an all school recess followed by the students returning to their primary class. 

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